I live just north of Austin in Leander with my husband, daughter, and our three 4-legged children. Originally from the Chicago suburbs, I studied sociology and anthropology at Harper College before moving to Austin in 2012. I became deeply passionate about postpartum support after the birth of my now 6-year-old daughter, Julia. I have extensive personal experience struggling with and recovering from postpartum anxiety and depression, and feel that is the foundation of my calling to become a doula. I also found that in those difficult early days, nursing my daughter fostered crucial and often magical bonding, all the while providing the exact nutrients my baby needed. My goal is to make it so any mother who wants to breastfeed can! In my spare time I enjoy photography, live music, travel, and spending time with the ones I love most. Being a doula is my life's work, and feel honored to work with any family that asks for my help.



My passion for babies and bellies started when I was young, but it was the overall holistic experience with my youngest that drove me to further pursue my Doula career. I am a mama to 4 kiddos and have had the honor of being a Gestational Carrier twice. I believe having the right support in place can make a world of difference. My desire for all mamas, is to feel like they were supported, respected, and empowered.



Guiding parents in order to help them enjoy their new family dynamic is a passion of mine! After 21 children of my own (3 bio, 1 adopted, 1 bonus-child, and 16 foster babies), I feel like I have a treasure trove of experiences (most learned by trial and error) to share concerning: sleep, bonding, mental health issues and trauma, parenting with grace, learning to ask for help, holistic parenting, organization, adapting to new babies, and lots of laughter and singing sprinkled in. 

I have a bachelors of science in education with specialties in: Early Childhood, Special Education, Education of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, English as a Second Language, and Elementary education. 

But, after 20 years of teaching school, I realized my heart was working with parents and their babies and pursued my training as a birth and postpartum doula to hopefully enrich their lives by using, and imparting my skills in a way that is fitting for their personal family.